From Heart troubles to “no longer rattled by any event”

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Published in Tone Magazine – September 2012


by Aryev Bhardwejj (Anshev)

Executive Coaching

… a story of a mature student who suffered from extreme anxiety, and reduced it in only one session of Revital Point Health Solutions Winner ProgramTM


When D. B. came to Revital Point Health Solutions, he suffered from extreme anxiety, and heart palpitations. He was a mature law student, so this anxiety was deeply affecting his studies. He was not able to concentrate as well as he would have liked, and was worried this would affect his grades. With a major exam coming up, he came to have his first session with Aryev – our most advanced Winner ProgramTM coach. After working through and releasing many of his negative emotions, D. B. reduced his anxiety in his words “from an 8 out of 10 of anxiety level down to 0 in about 30 minutes.” He passed his exam, and has been on the Winner ProgramTM ever since.


In order to make a breakthrough like this, the emotional blocks which are in the way, need to be skilfully pinpointed and removed. Depending upon the case, there could be one or several things blocking progress to our health or other desired goals in life. These can be anything, such as fears of success, self-esteem issues, past memories and experiences, believability in having new outcomes, or subconscious attachments to our existing conditions. Just as even a single cloud has the ability to block the sunlight from reaching earth fully, even minor blocks can keep us unwell and hold our desired outcomes at bay.


Winner ProgramTM executive life coaching program utilizes a scientifically proven method to dissolve subconscious blockages preventing life from being enjoyed to its fullest, in the fastest and safest possible way. With these techniques D. B. has continued to progress in every area of his life. He has worked through and released emotional blocks in order to manifest over $12,000. He has also applied these same techniques to his relationships, and has re-united with the mother of his son. All of this has been accomplished within his first module (a 10-week program).


D. B. is now working in advancing his career. He has diligently worked with his coach, attended his sessions and done his homework assignments consistently, and has now accepted a full time position, and is working to set up an independent, health food business.


A testimonial from D.B. about his experience with the Winner ProgramTM:
I am currently a mature student with 2 children….
I had severe anxiety and depression which resulted in the lowest lows of my life in 2010 which continued until I met Aryev. Before him, I tried natural medicine, with supplements that worked to some extent but not on any kind of ongoing, permanent or even semi-permanent basis. …


I was barely keeping myself together as my anxiety was so severe that I had developed chest pains. I went to the doctor who did an ECG…and it said I was borderline having heart problems. He referred me to a cardiologist who did tests on me and I had a machine strapped to myself for 24 hours. Apparently I didn’t have a heart problem, it was my anxiety that was causing chest pains.


I still remember my first visit with Aryev. I had chest pains, which I was able to tolerate the pain but nothing more. … I had told him that I was willing to do or try anything that would help me. We did some work and he brought me down from an 8 out of 10 of anxiety level down to 0 in about 30 minutes. I was sold on it. He did not need to convince me anymore and I was willing to commit right away to whatever he would mention.


…I hope I can one day give back to him what he has enabled me to do and deal with. I am no longer worried or rattled by any event. I can handle it all. I just need to release from everything and decide on what I want. I am no longer reactive in this world but active and enjoying every minute of it. My relationships all improved.
We had worked on manifesting money…it turned out to be over $12,000 in total money given directly to me in the form of a car and some bursaries that were unforeseen.


…A thousand thanks to you Aryev.
~ D. B., Ottawa, Canada


Aryev is a trained life and executive coach. He works with people to enhance their life experience. He has practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years and taught yoga, meditation and lifestyle classes at Carleton University, IBM/Cognos, as well as several public and private gyms.


Aryev is also a qualified homeopath. When he started treating people using homeopathy, he observed that although their physical and mental health was getting much better, their lives were not necessarily improving. They still had similar jobs, similar money situations, and similar types of relationship dynamics, similar habits and ways of being.


Aryev decided to design a coaching program to change that. He began with his existing clients and after years of trial and error, his Winner ProgramTM executive coaching emerged.


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