Rags to Riches

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Published in Natural Presence Magazine – Dec/Jan 2012/13 – Issue 4


by Aryev Bhardwejj

Executive Coaching

…A story of one of our coaching clients who went from bearing an $800,000 loss to a gain of $100,000 in only 2 modules


When MJ heard about Revital Point Health Solutions she was on the verge of bankruptcy and having a terrible time in life – her business partner of her $500,000 business was looking to sue her, she was on the verge of having to sell her $800,000 home, and her relationship with her partner had just ended. With no job, no relationship and no place to live, one of her dear friends informed her about our coaching programs, and she immediately felt that it could help her.
Without delay, she signed up for the program, and started working through her emotional and mental blocks that were keeping her stuck and preventing her from having the life she desired.

She worked diligently, spent several weeks with her coach, doing 2 weekly sessions, and additional extended breakthrough sessions to help her resolve her critical issues as quickly as possible. She also completed extra homework assignments outside of the program on her own between sessions. Finally, within 2 modules of our coaching program, her life did a complete 180-degree turn.

She is now living rent-free in a home which usually rents for $1800, has come to a mutual agreement with her business partner, which has not only saved her hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, but also brought her a $100,000 profit from the sale of her business. She is now working a new business which she absolutely loves. A gain of almost $800,000 dollars.

Here is a testimonial that she gave to us in her own words:
“… My life has been also a real roller coaster of chaos and drama. Although I am a pretty happy person I was never totally satisfied with myself and my progress, always feeling that something was missing…

When I heard about Aryev and Revital Point Health Solutions from a friend… I immediately knew deep inside that this training could help me. I was ready for something else! my life was now a total chaos : I had to sell my $800,000.00 house in a flash with a loss of $50,000.00, my relationship with my partner was over, I was losing money on a business where I had invested $500,000.00, I did not have a job, I was in the imminence of bankruptcy and nowhere to go.

My first session with Aryev was August 8th and I am now starting module 3. I was an emergency case Aryev said!

Today my life is a totally different story. From having almost nothing left I am now recuperating $100.000.00 from the sale of my business, I am living in a house offered to me rent free (and rented usually at $1800.00 per month) I am creating a new business that I really love and will bring me good income, I am having money gains almost every day.

I can say that, from my heart, Aryev and his training literally saved me from total failure: health, wealth and mental sanity …

~ MJ, Ottawa, ON

Aryev is a trained life and executive coach. He works with people to enhance their life experience. He has practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years and taught yoga, meditation and lifestyle classes at Carleton University, IBM/Cognos, as well as several public and private gyms.

Aryev is also a qualified homeopath. When he started treating people using homeopathy, he observed that although their physical and mental health was getting much better, their lives were not necessarily improving. They still had similar jobs, similar money situations, and similar types of relationship dynamics, similar habits and ways of being.

Aryev decided to design a coaching program to change that. He began with his existing clients and after years of trial and error, his Winner ProgramTM executive coaching emerged. www.revitalpoint.com/coaching

Ottawa Coaching

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