We feel it’s important to emphasize that results are individual and vary according to many factors, including personal commitment, individual preferences and goals and the frequency of your coaching. Although many of our clients do experience remarkable results, this is not the case with everyone, and anyone considering any of our coaching programs should do so without holding any specific expectation from their experience.

What others have said about their experience with Revital Point Health Solutions coaching programs:


“I would like to personally share some of my exciting experiences since starting the personal one-on-one coaching with Aryev Bhardwejj (Anshev) at Revital Point Health Solutions. I have been an active, regular client of his and have been taking the Winner program that he offers consistently over the past 2 years, as well as, taking regular homeopathic treatments which he prescribes based on his subject expertise.

Currently, I am in the 10th module of the Winner program and have experienced tremendous financial benefits in terms of physically manifesting money (well over $41,000) both easily and effortlessly. The money gained has helped to pay for the costs of the actual program itself. As well, I was previously stuck in a dead-end, uninteresting job with little career growth prospects. I was in a situation where I had no control over my career path and I felt completely direction-less and powerless. It also took a lot of energy away from me due to the personal frustrations, high stress, and the dissatisfaction that I experienced on a daily basis. As a result, I was constantly tired and experienced very low energy levels and was apathetic and unmotivated. After starting the coaching, I had more job interviews than in all of the previous years combined with my current employer. As of last week, I have started a new job in project management at a senior level which was one my original career goals. The environment is stimulating, positive, the colleagues friendly and the salary is 2 levels higher than my previous job. Now, I feel enthusiastic and motivated when going to work and then energized and positively charged when I leave the office at the end of my work day. I no longer need to take naps after work to recuperate and hit the gym 3 times to do a boot camp! Everything has simply fallen into place naturally and it is beyond my wildest expectations.

As well, in the past I have suffered from severe migraines due to atmospheric pressure changes. Now after coaching sessions, I am able to control and reduce the pain that I suffer so much so that it no longer limits me and I no longer need to experience any type of suffering. Not only that, I am also now able to heal other physical ailments such as headaches, neck pains, heart-burn/indigestion and acid reflux at will all within 20-30 minutes by myself. This is done without taking medication or manipulating my body in any way. My overall health is much better. I am more energetic, eat healthier, sleep deeper, and wake up refreshed in the mornings and am the slimmest that I have been in over 5 years!

Due to traumatic events in the past, I had a very strained, difficult relationship with my parents. I have now repaired and healed my personal relationship with my parents to the point that it is actually harmonious in nature, loving and free of conflict. By dealing with and overcoming my past issues, it no longer has any power or control over me in the present. My self-esteem is much higher now and I feel more confident in my abilities both personally and professionally. I am ready to charge confidently in the world on my own!

None of this was possible would have been possible without a regular long-term commitment. I just wanted to show people that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and are consistent and committed with your approach! After each module, I am learning something new about, developing myself further and seeing my life from a new perspective. As a result, I’m growing into a stronger, more confident and successful person living a happy, fulfilled life that we all deserve to live. Thanks so much!”

~ Andrew W., Ottawa, Canada

I am currently a mature student with 2 children. I have met a new friend and life coach not very long ago. I would like to thank him for teaching me a great deal in a very short period of time. I was a mess both mentally and emotionally and my life reflected that fact as well despite my best efforts in seeking solutions everywhere and anywhere I could.

I had severe anxiety and depression which resulted in the lowest lows of my life in 2010 which continued until I met Aryev. Before him, I tried natural medicine, with supplements that worked to some extent but not on any kind of ongoing, permanent or even semi-permanent basis. I viewed every video I could and listened to and read whatever I could on anything and everything that could possibly help me. I still couldn’t deal with literally ANY stressful event that would come up.

I was barely keeping myself together as my anxiety was so severe that I had developed chest pains. I went to the doctor who did an ECG (Electro cardiogram) which measures your heart and it said I was borderline having heart problems. He referred me to a cardiologist who did tests on me and I had a machine strapped to myself for 24 hours. Apparently I didn’t have a heart problem, it was my anxiety that was causing chest pains.

I still remember my first visit with Aryev. I had chest pains, which I was able to tolerate the pain but nothing more. I was taking CoQ10 anyways to try to make it better. I spent over an hour and a half with him on my free 20 minute introductory session. I am a skeptic but more importantly I can tell when people are not sincere or are hiding behind a mask or are hiding their true intentions. I saw none of that with Aryev. He had mentioned the prices and the winner program. I had told him that I was willing to do or try anything that would help me. We did some work and he brought me down from an 8 out of 10 of anxiety level down to 0 in about 30 minutes. I was sold on it. He did not need to convince me anymore and I was willing to commit right away to whatever he would mention.

We united once more for the homeopathy session and from then on we continued our friendship and our partnership in a better me. I hope I can one day give back to him what he has enabled me to do and deal with. I am no longer worried or rattled by any event. I can handle it all. I just need to release from everything and decide on what I want. I am no longer reactive in this world but active and enjoying every minute of it. My relationships all improved.

We had worked on manifesting money…it turned out to be over $12,000 in total money given directly to me in the form of a car and some bursaries that were unforeseen. I encourage you to try it out and see for yourself what you can have for yourself.

I look forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for Aryev and I.

A thousand thanks to you Aryev.

~ Diego B., Ottawa, Canada

“My quest for spirituality started many years ago and since this awareness I have taken many Self Help courses and read many many Self Help books.

My life has been also a real roller coaster of chaos and drama. Although I am a pretty happy person I was never totally satisfied with myself and my progress, always feeling that something was missing and the more I tried the less positive results I was having. How could this be if I was doing everything right!? I used to ask myself.

When I hear about Aryev and Revital Point from a friend that suggested that I to go see him, I immediately knew deep inside that this training could help me. I was ready for something else ! my life was now a total chaos : I had to sell my $800,000.00 house in a flash with a loss of $50,000.00, my relationship with my partner was over, I was loosing money on a business where I had invested $500,000.00, I did not have a job, I was in the imminence of bankruptcy and no where to go.

My first session with Aryev was August 8th and I am now starting module 3. I was an emergency case Aryev said!

Today my life is a totally different story. From having almost nothing left I am now recuperating $100.000.00 from the sale of my business, I am living in a house offered to me rent free (and rented usually at $1800.00 per month) I am creating a new business that I really love and will bring me good income, I am having money gains almost everyday.

I can say that, from my heart, Aryev and his training literally saved me from total failure: health, wealth and mental sanity …I feel calmer wiser and can identify my “wantings” almost immediately when they show up.

I just have to do one thing right now: never give up believing that we are indeed magnificent beings that only forgot who they are!

~ MJ, Ottawa, ON

I first came to Aryev a few months ago. I was in the midst of relationship “crisis”, and I was especially afraid to lose contact with a child that I’d been raising for the past three years (since the child’s birth) . It was a very stressful time for me. In the midst of all this Aryev helped in a most surprising way. He taught me a most valuable skill which helped ground me and helped me to maintain much needed clarity and focus. At first his teaching method seemed somewhat unorthodox and completely different than anything else I had tried in the past, but I honestly don’t think it would have worked any other way. Aryev’s gift is that he is very insightful, and the result is that he helps in ways that you don’t always foresee or understand at first. There is an energy or aura about him that is unexplainable, and difficult to put into words. I can’t overstate how much I appreciate having had the opportunity to spend time with Aryev. It goes without saying that I got more than what I needed to help me surpass my immediate difficulties. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aryev.


M. D., Ottawa, ON

I joined Winner Program when I was suffering from severe depression, and many health problems. Most importantly I felt everything was gloomy and doomed, and had no hope. My energy level was lowest possible, that I used to come from work, and then drop on the bed, and sleep all the time, and still feel tired all the time. Mind was so dull, and had no energy to do anything. Mental depression loomed, and having tried everything, had no hope. After doing the first session… I felt better. Slowly and gradually, I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After the fourth session, I started seeing the value of the Winner Program. I have currently completed the first module, and in the second module. My energy level has soared high, some days I don’t feel the need to sleep, and am up some days until middle of the night. Still get up at a decent time in the morning, and have lots of energy to spare. Now I have reduced the duration of my yoga session, and still feel more energetic. My behaviour has improved, my outlook has changed, I deal with issues on a more calm level, and am doing ten times more than I used to do, and accomplish tasks effortlessly and in a fraction of time than it took before. Most importantly I am very hopeful for the future, and am excited and look forward to it. I laugh more, enjoy life more, and do less, and accomplish lot more with little effort. Spiritual gains are also tremendous, and it truly is a life changing program, if done diligently.

One very pleasant incident I would like to relate. I used to suffer from stomach pains so intense, that 30 seconds of that pain, made me sweat like crazy, and was a nightmare come true. After the first few sessions, my pain struck again in the night, and this time, I found a remedy within initial seconds. During the next few sessions, every session the pain became frequent, and I thought of quitting Winner Program, because it increased the frequency of the pain I used to be so scared of. Then during one session, the pain struck again, and I took my medicine during the session. Aryev asked me what is this medicine, can I do without, I was so scared, but I decided to trust him. He promised me that he will make the pain go away without the medicine. Then he did a process, which miraculously made the pain go away, during the session. After that the pain came on and off for some time, but the intensity of the pain was 1/8th of the intensity before. Within a week, I was cured of this pain, and it has not returned most importantly, there is no fear of this pain anymore. Due to this pain, my diet had become so restrictive, I could not eat anything more than boiled vegetables without seasoning, and minuscule amounts of salt. Spiced, fried foods, many vegetables, and even fruits I had to avoid. Now I eat anything and everything that I desire without any ill effects. My various chronic conditions have been alleviated slowly, and gradually within a span of about 2 months.

Any money I will earn through Winner Program I would invest it back in the Winner program because the gains are tremendous. I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

The Winner Program coach Aryev is very caring, provides personal attention, and follows through every issue, and even provides push when the client is falling off the wagon. He personally cares about the success of each and every client, and invests lots of time and energy into each and every issue. This is a very well designed program, and I would recommend to every one.

Many thanks
~ Manie V., Ottawa, Canada

“This summer I had one of the best vacations ever, why? because I did a few breakthrough sessions with the Winners Program TM. In July I travelled to Calgary , to my surprise I got a free upgrade to business class. I was delighted. One week later I decided to take my 3 kids to Orlando. The morning we decided to leave was after a big rainstorm and when we got to the airport they told us that the flight was cancelled and “good luck” if you want to go to Florida today you would be better off driving. There is a flight in Montreal but it is oversold with 20 people on the waiting list so just forget it. We went home, so I used the technique and told my husband to drive to Montreal for that afternoon. Nevertheless I persevered all the way to Montreal with eager kids anxious and not knowing if we will ever get on the plane. When we finally arrived, the agent gave us a sad look and explained that there are many people ahead of us and that it does not look promising. His co worker came over and told me not to worry that all those people actually left on a different flight and I would have no problems getting on. I felt very happy, when we got to security no line ups, when we got to US customs no line ups, when we got to the gate 4 seats together! Remember this started with forget it go home and ended it with the easiest passage through the airport getting on our flight and seats together.

The best I save for last of course. On our return to Canada they offered us not one but 4 upgrades to business class. By the way these were cheepo tickets. This second upgrade really made me appreciate the power of the program.

~ EK, Ottawa, Canada

“When Aryev first offered me his program, I had no money. I had quit my job to start a business and was months away from bankruptcy, with over $60,000 in credit card debt. I had even met with a bankruptcy lawyer – which for me was unheard of. Not only has Aryev worked with me to find full time work, he has also helped me through all my fears and all my humiliation about having to go back to work for someone else. I am now earning over $70,000 a year, and even got a raise only 5 months after my start date. I am now on module 4 of the winner program, and am also under homeopathic treatment; my life since working with Aryev has improved tremendously. I almost feel silly writing it all out, there’s been so much benefit – I used to suffer from food sensitivities, migraine headaches and adult acne; all of that has disappeared. I used to be a yo-yo dieter, always worried about my weight, and had self-esteem issues – now eating healthily and going to the gym every day have become a part of my lifestyle. The very things I used to dread, I now love and can’t imagine living without. I do them by choice and not because I “should”; I work out every day and my relationships have improved – I am getting along better with my parents and family, and am now just a happier person to be around. And as if that weren’t enough, Aryev has also helped me re-start my business – in a realistic and sustainable way, so I can be successful at it, and eventually leave my job and become my own boss again. The winner program is a service unparalleled by anyone else. I’ve worked with many alternative practitioners, spent thousands of dollars on counseling, nutritional, naturopathic and chiropractic therapies and could not find close to these results anywhere else. No one can afford not to do this – it’s literally life changing. I would recommend anyone do it; Aryev will help you through anything, every step of the way. Aryev – I can’t thank-you enough. I say it all the time, I am blessed to know you and to have you as my coach. All my love and gratitude.”

~ Ms N.M., Ottawa, Canada

“I was very positive all day. Didn’t snap even once. I am amazed. Now I have a perpetual smile on my face, even if I am snapping, I am doing this with a smile 🙂 My daughter has noticed a change in me.”

~ C. Gupta, India

Everything seems to be progressive ever since my son has started following your guidelines.”

~ S. Leekha, USA