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Breakdown to breakthrough

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      In the game of self growth, the one thing I’ve learned is that before any major breakthrough, a breakdown happens. It’s like cleaning out a closet, first you have to pull all the stuff out, go through each item one by one, find what you want you to keep, get rid of the things you don’t, do a thorough clean-up and then put everything back in its proper place. It has to get messy before it can get better. Life is the same. When you start to work towards something, usually things get worse. It feels completely backwards,...

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      It always perplexes me at how there is good help available, yet somehow, people don’t accept it. I know people who are sick or unhappy in their lives, and I’ve recommended our coaching work to them, yet they don’t seem to act… they always say “maybe later” or “no thanks, I’m ok”, when clearly they are not ok. They would rather suffer silently than accept help (even if the help is free). Why is that? Well sometimes our negative thinking and behaviours are too big, that we can’t seem to...

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