Effective energetic lifestyle coaching to dramatically enhance your life experience; live a much richer and more fulfilled life – better health, greater abundance and harmonious relationships. Meet with a certified life coach, to help you reach your goals.

Freedom From Limitations Program (FFL)

Not enough time or money? – then this program is for you. Designed specifically to address these needs, meet with your coach one-on-one, on an ad-hoc basis – whatever you need to free up more time & bring in more money.

FFL Session
$150.00* per session


Winner Program – UPDATED

Our most popular success and abundance program. An intensive 7-week program designed to target all areas of life. A boot camp for better health, better abundance and better relationships. Consists of 14 one-on-one coaching sessions done twice a week. We do a comprehensive work on dissolving major beliefs which may have held you back in the past so you can enjoy greater health, happiness and abundance.

Foundation Module
$1500.00* ($107.00 per session)
Easy Payment Plan: $315 every week for 5 weeks (post-dated cheques)


Enhance Your Lifestyle Program

We all desire health, happiness, harmony in our lives. Most of us lead stressful lives, eat poorly, don’t exercise enough or do exercises which increase stress in our lives.

This is an overall lifestyle coaching program. Its aim is to balance one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health by eliminating negatives and enhancing the positives in one’s life. Step-by-step program to enhance all major areas of ones’ life which contribute to our overall well being. This is the first step towards living a well balanced life.

The program includes:
– Custom Yogic diet program
– Custom Yogic Exercise recommendations
– Meditation
– Custom Homeopathic remedy recommendation
– Coaching on how to eliminate stress in one’s life

$5000* for a 3-month contract (effective January 1, 2022)


Mastery Program

Our most thorough and strongest success, health and abundance program. Like our Winner Program, this program is designed to target all areas of life: health, relationships, finances and success. However, this program is designed to move difficult and complex cases into their goals. This program is suitable for situations, such as (but not limited to) severe illnesses, relationships on the brink of separation, large financial burdens, and those with ambitious goals. A 7-week program, consisting of 14 one-on-one coaching sessions done twice a week. See more…

Introductory Module

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*Please note that for international customers, our prices are in US dollars