What Is a Higher Awareness?

It is a new way of thinking. It is a way for you to feel peaceful. You start feeling better about yourself, better about the planet, better about others. You start feeling more loving towards others, and have genuine compassion—even towards the plants and the animals. You start respecting your body and the amounts and types of food you put into it. Your body begins to reach and maintain its ideal weight naturally, without effort. You let go of the guilt and shame of indulging in foods you shouldn’t. You want to exercise.

Each of us has a conscience and whether we realise it or not, our actions have a very profound effect on how we feel. Whether we are doing the right or the wrong thing, our inner voice knows it. If we do the wrong thing, we experience pain; we feel things like guilt, fear, and shame. We suffer from poor health, relationships, and life circumstances. We also know when we are doing the right thing. We feel good about ourselves. We have confidence and exude joy and happiness. We enjoy good health, perform well in our careers, and have enjoyable life experiences. Sometimes it is very subtle, but the way we eat has a profound effect on the way we think and our consciousness. If we eat foods grown immorally, or eat animals that were treated unjustly, a part of us knows it, and it negatively impacts the way we feel. Conversely, if we eat foods that are grown purely, with care for the land, plants, and animals, then a part of us knows that too, and we feel uplifted. Our cells become pure and we become healthy and thrive. We start to think and feel the concepts of universalism. Our awareness increases, and we become more evolved and higher beings.