D.D. “had been suffering for several years with severe reactions to every food containing wheat, dairy and sugar” and now says Nalada “gave me my life back without surgery or medications”.
~ D.D. – Ottawa, ON

“Because of the technique you have taught me, I am now, and continue, having the best good fortune of my life!!! Money, work… everything!!!! Your teachings really do work Nalada. I am living proof. Thank you so much.”
~ G.L. – Ottawa, ON

“I just was reading the last exercise you gave me and wanted to let you know that this particular exercise has helped me with many challenges that I have encountered… I want to thank you for your understanding, compassion and caring in a world that is sadly lacking in all of those attributes”
~ A.D. – Ottawa,ON

“I have been working in the field of alternative healing for several decades. Although I was a practicing vegetarian, and was fully aware of need for proper nutrition, it was a part which was not always clear to me. I had read so many varying opinions on nutrition from experts which contradicted my intuitive knowing on how things should be. I spoke to many nutritionists and experts but always felt something was missing from the information I was getting from them. As a result I never ever followed fully what I learned about healthy nutrition.

Until I met Nalada. Her philosophy on nutrition was the most comprehensive and very much in line with my spiritual beliefs. I started using her protocol for nutrition and soon I felt much improvement in my own personal health. I feel resolved within in terms of nutritional knowledge. I am very happy to have found a nutritionist who is so much in line with the proven age-old ancient spiritual principles which I practice in my daily life. I wholeheartedly recommend Nalada for nutritional guidance for anyone.”
~ A.B. – Homeopath and Life Coach