Services & Pricing

Initial Assessment $125.00

A full nutritional and lifestyle assessment. We’ll analyze everything you’re eating, all present medications and supplements you may be taking, existing medical conditions, sleep, exercise and dietary habits. We’ll tell you EXACTLY what you’re doing right and where you need improvement. We’ll also assess major physical symptoms and assess which top 3 body systems are out of balance. We will give you precise actions to take to address them.
Follow-up Session – $75.00

We’ll offer step-by-step advice and resources to keep you progressing. We will address the root causes that prohibit you from maintaining a healthy diet. We’ll address deep-rooted emotional connections to food, and eating behaviours that detract us from staying on track. We’ll offer timely tips on how to maintain your diet even while travelling, eating out, cooking for others etc.
Resources include recipes, equipment recommendations, tips on creating great tasting, balanced nutritious meals, recipe adaptation for food sensitivities etc.
Nutritional & Lifestyle Re-Assessment – $95.00

A full dietary and lifestyle re-assessment so you know exactly where you are, how far you’ve come, and where you have to go next. Similar to our initial assessment, we’ll review all dietary and lifestyle habits, including a re-assessment of all symptoms, medications and supplement regime. Recommended once every 3 months.
Lose Weight & Keep it Off! $450.00

A comprehensive, 10-week program designed specifically to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You’ll learn the negative impact of eating poorly and how that strains digestion and leaves you tired. You’ll learn how to find the foods that uplift you, leaving you energized, and ready to exercise. You’ll identify emotional, root causes into unhealthy eating and lifestyle patterns, and you’ll learn how to overcome them. You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to stay on your diet while eating out, traveling and cooking for others. You’ll learn the secrets to making nutritious foods taste great, and how to plan ahead to save time, and reduce slip-ups back into old eating habits.
• 1 initial assessment
• 8 follow-up sessions
• 1 final re-assessment
A value of $820 – yours for only $450. A savings of $370.

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