Group Coaching Program

 Learn to awaken to your true self – discover what you’re really worth

The one thing in life we all strive for is happiness. We want to be happy – a life with all joy and no sorrow. We look for this everywhere – in food, in relationships, in health, in money, or in our careers. We do all of these things, thinking that we will get satisfaction, but the truth is, that they won’t and can never provide us unending joy. The only place where we can experience true joy is within ourselves. And when we find that place within ourselves – a higher awareness – then the funny thing is that everything else in our lives improves. We stop looking for our satisfaction in food and other things, and find in our true Selves.

We get the inspiration, wisdom and energy to do the things we need to do, to find the partner we’ve always wanted, to improve the relationships with people we love, to have the career we’ve always cared for. Every day becomes a miracle, filled with an unending resource of bliss. Struggles will still be there of course – this is life, but our capacity to deal with them increases.

What you will learn:

  • How to eat for optimum health and disease prevention
  • Eliminate your addiction to sugar and processed foods
  • How to prepare highly nutritious food
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Achieve higher self-confidence
  • Learn how to become aware of your true self
  • How to tap into your natural guidance system
  • How to access the endless source of energy inside of you
  • Achieve weight loss naturally
  • How to shop mechanically to avoid irrational purchases

Program costs: $247 + $50 material fee (material fee covers food cost for a food preparation class, smoothie testing and ph Balancing workshop and a copy of the Diet for a Higher Awareness manual and accountability journal)


D.D. “had been suffering for several years with severe reactions to every food containing wheat, dairy and sugar” and now says Nalada “gave me my life back without surgery or medications”.

What you will get:

  • 6 group sessions – meet once weekly for 1.5 hours for 6 consecutive weeks
  • 1 individual one-on-one coaching session to address your unique needs
  • Coaching, accountability, perspective and support to achieve maximum nutrition, health and weight loss
  • A diet plan that can be maintained for maximum health and spiritual growth
  • A copy of the book “Diet for a Higher Awareness”, by Nalada Bhardwejj, RHN
  • The “Diet for a Higher Awareness Accountability Journal ” so you can track your progress throughout the program
A.B.“had read so many varying opinions on nutrition from experts which contradicted my intuitive knowing on how things should be.” and now says “I met Nalada. Her philosophy on nutrition was the most comprehensive and very much in line with my spiritual beliefs. I started using her protocol for nutrition and soon I felt much improvement in my own personal health. …I am very happy to have found a nutritionist who is so much in line with the proven age-old ancient spiritual principles which I practice in my daily life”

Begins Thursday November 7th, 2013 and runs until Thursday December 12th, 2013
Meetings are held Thursdays, 7-8:30pm

This program is for you if:
• You’re a super-mom, career woman or wife who takes care of everyone except YOU
• You feel dissatisfied or unappreciated in your marriage, career – despite having given 1000%
• You’re ready to lose weight
• You’re tired of feeling tired and longing for more energy
• You’ve tried everything in your cupboard but still felt hungry for something more
• You’ve joined a gym but never seem to get there
• You start diets but never seem to finish

Program costs: $247 + $50 material fee (material fee covers food cost for a food preparation class, smoothie testing and ph Balancing workshop and a copy of the Diet for a Higher Awareness manual and accountability journal)


The Schedule

WEEK 1: Meet & greet

This week we’ll get to know you, see what makes you tick; we’ll:

  • find out your goals, accomplishments and struggles
  • set you up with an accountability partner to make sure you have support and encouragement throughout the program
  • learn the importance of writing and tracking goals
  • provide you with the book, accountability journal and get you started on your first assignment

WEEK 2: Grocery store tour

Here we’ll go to your local grocery store and you’ll learn:

  • how to shop mechanically to avoid impulse buys (no more chocolate cake for dinner)
  • how to know if a food is healthy for you just from reading it’s label
  • learn the importance of buying organically produced food

WEEK 3: Hand’s on cooking class

This week, we’ll cook!!! Everyone will have a chance to prepare fresh, healthy meals and learn:

  • practical ideas on making nutritious food
  • the secret to making any recipe taste great – by balancing taste factors
  • how to pull together a quick, health-conscious meal without taking too long

WEEK 4: Alkalization

This week, we’ll learn one of the main principles to good health; and how to easily implement with fresh tasting smoothies; learn:

  • how balancing the acidity in your food can help prevent illness, help you think clearer and have more energy
  • hands-on smoothie-making and taste-testing exercise
  • how to easily test your ph to make sure you have the right alkaline level for health

WEEK 5: Emotional hunger

This week we’ll explore how our emotions and unbalanced hormones influence poor eating habits; learn:

  • about phantom hunger (when we feel hungry due to emotional stress instead of physical needs)
  • a practical technique to get you past any food craving
  • how to give up your favourite unhealthy foods and substitute them with healthier versions
  • hands-on practical session with partners to dissolve any emotions around food, losing weight and dieting

WEEK 6: Group Potluck & celebration

You made it!!!! This week we will celebrate with a nutritious potluck and a review of how much you’ve achieved in the program. We’ll:

  • share great tasting food
  • celebrate our successes
  • review your goals – see where you were, what you accomplished and any obstacles you may have encountered