A rocket must travel at around 2 kilometres per second for the first 200 kilometres in order to successfully launch into orbit. For this, it needs the highest quality fuel; otherwise, what would happen? It would barely get off the ground.

We’re the same, we need good quality fuel in order to sustain us, and to get us through the day. Otherwise we suffer from chronic ailments, low-energy, poor sleep, poor productivity, headaches, weight gain etc.


Just like anything in life, there are foods which uplift us and foods which bring us down. There are those which are good for body, mind and soul, and those which are detrimental. Those foods which are good for body and mind and which leave us feeling good, and full of energy, are vegetarian foods.


And it’s not a matter of simply knowing what to eat, rather it’s also knowing how to sustain it – especially when your will power is weak, or cravings take hold. Just imagine your last major holiday or social gathering – what did you eat? And how did you feel afterward? I bet it wasn’t good, in fact I bet that you felt horrible. We’ve all started a diet with full enthusiasm, fully committed only to fall off one or two weeks in. How many times have you vowed to lose weight, and never maintained it?


This is where we come in. You need accountability. You need a method, scientifically proven to get you through intense cravings. And when your will power fails, and you need someone to coach you through it. Someone who has already done it themselves.


Tired of failed diets, or short term gym commitments? Ready for a change? Contact us, we’ve done it. We can help you do it too.