Breakdown to breakthrough

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Spring flowers


In the game of self growth, the one thing I’ve learned is that before any major breakthrough, a breakdown happens. It’s like cleaning out a closet, first you have to pull all the stuff out, go through each item one by one, find what you want you to keep, get rid of the things you don’t, do a thorough clean-up and then put everything back in its proper place. It has to get messy before it can get better. Life is the same. When you start to work towards something, usually things get worse.

It feels completely backwards, and in the moment it’s easy to feel like you’re going the wrong way, but actually the truth is the complete opposite. If you’re doing something sincerely and doing it to the best of your capacity, don’t worry, it actually means you’re doing things right! The trick is to have faith. Even in your worst moments, you have to hold onto the fact that everything always turns out for the best. No matter how bad it might look at the time, you must keep going. No matter what, remember all the past moments where you thought things couldn’t get worse, and things actually turned out well after all. Hold the positive outcome in mind and nothing else. The mind has a way of making everything seem worse than it actually is. Those who can see this, and choose to persevere are the true winners in life. This subtle but major point is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.

If you want something in life, go after it with full devotion. Take one of our clients for example, her relationship with her husband wasn’t going well. Every night he would come home late, they weren’t getting along, she thought he was having an affair. She was having such emotional and mental turmoil over it. She continued her work with us, and no matter what happened she did not act on her feelings, rather she stayed steadfast on her program, and worked to resolve through every obstacle. For weeks she went through hell, not sure if her marriage would survive. But she persevered; she didn’t give up and her coach made sure she stayed strong through it. In the end, all of the turmoil passed, and she ended up with a MUCH better relationship. They got closer to each other, and found a new openness in their communication. It turns out he was not having an affair after all, and was rather just as disappointed in their relationship as she was.

So now, you might ask yourself, how well do I handle struggle? When the chips are down, do I retreat back or bring it on even stronger? In order to be successful, do the latter – step into the trouble and fight until it’s defeated. If you follow this simple piece of advice, you’re bound to be successful. Our teacher says: “When one sets out to complete a great task, innumerable difficulties must be confronted. The greater the task, the mightier the obstacles. That is why the person who wants to perform noble deeds must be ready to face opposition from the very outset.” Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji

So hang tight! The clouds can’t cover the sun forever… they will soon part and before you know it spring will be here, with all its newness and glory 🙂

Nalada, RHN, Lifestyle coach

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