About Us

About Us

Revital Point health solutions came into being from our desire to provide people an effective holistic therapy based on spiritual principles. At Revital Point health solutions, we provide services which enhance the overall quality of life in several major areas of life – health, wealth, success, career and relationships. We use several therapies and methods to achieve that goal. Homeopathy, nutritional advice and Lifestyle coaching are some of them.

Revital Point consists of our homeopath, Aryev Bhardwejj B. Eng., D.H.H., D.Hom (UK),and our nutritionist, Nalada, B. Sc., RHN Both are also certified life style coaches.

Aryev Bhardwejj

Aryev, an engineer by trade, has studied and practiced homeopathy since a young boy. He suffered from many afflictions, and was able to heal them using homeopathy alone. He experienced so much health and well-being due to homeopathy, that he finally decided to leave the high-tech sector and practice it full-time, so that others may do the same and also experience this kind of health. Although homeopathy gave Aryev his health, Aryev still suffered from common day-to-day problems; stress, lack of time, a full time job he didn’t enjoy, having a practice that although treated many people successfully, didn’t earn him a fair income, etc. There were still things he wanted to accomplish in his life, and yet hadn’t. So he decided to pursue a coaching program. In fact he pursued many coaching programs, learned endless tools and techniques. He carefully tried everything he learned on himself and then also on his existing patients. He began exploring what people responded to, all the while improving his own situation. Aryev has come from a job he hated to a full-time practice of his own, and has survived solely on that income for over 2 years. He has plenty of free time to pursue the things he loves, and coaches others to achieve the same. He has coached others through depression, starting their own businesses, weight loss/exercise goals, earning more money, and even finding the ideal partner.

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