What is Sensations Method?

In order to successfully treat a person, we must understand them from a holistic point of view.

The word holistic is derived from the word ‘whole’ or complete. We need to look at a person as a complete or a whole being – complete entity in themselves – not just a collection of body parts, such as brain, liver, kidneys, pancreas etc. Conventional medicine sees an individual as a collection of body parts and physiological processes, but in our view, all this information is still at physical level. With conventional approach, there is much that remains unexplained, such as – What makes a person unique? What is it about one person that makes them rich and successful and another lacking and struggling? Why a person feels fearful on a rollercoaster and another feels exhilarated? Why does one person loves to swim and other is fearful of water? If we are to understand people in more depth, then we must look at them in a different light.

This holistic approach is what differentiates treatment modalities such as homeopathy from conventional medicine.

So, let us see how we can look at an individual in a more comprehensive way.

An individual can be known to have different levels of being. A common understanding is that we have 3 levels of being –

1. physical,

2. mental/emotional and

3. spiritual

This, in essence can describe us in totality. The physical level describes our physical body, our material possessions such as our house, our vehicles, our clothes and anything else in our surroundings that has a physical component. The mental/emotional level describes how we feel in general and how we react to different situations in our life. This is a subtler layer than physical. This includes our relationships with people and to the surroundings. Some of the common emotions are: grief, apathy, anger, fear, lust, pride etc. Spiritual level is even subtler than mental/emotional level. It includes supernatural phenomenon such as intuition, spontaneous healing etc. There are many documented cases describing such phenomenon.

For the sake of deeper analysis, for clinical applications, Dr. Rajan Sankaran identifies seven levels of being. These levels further classify the above mentioned three layers. These levels are:

1. Name

2. Fact/Modality

3. Emotion

4. Delusion

5. Sensation

6. Energy or universal level

7. Unexpressed/Unconscious or coma level

Let us talk about each of these levels.

1st Level (Name)

This is the physical level, as discussed above. It deals with the material aspect of things, with things that have a physical component. It also includes pathology or physical symptoms. Examples of this would be: Skin manifestations in case of Eczema, unexplained headaches, bleeding accompanied with the ulcer, hair loss, join pain in case of osteoarthritis etc


2nd Level (Fact)

This is the level of description of first level. Examples include – how intense is the pain, or how big is the ulcer or how the pain gets better or worse. A case of stomach ulcer may get worse after drinking acidic drinks such as orange juice.


3rd Level (Emotion)

Emotion level describes emotions related to the first two levels. For example: “This headache drives me crazy”, “I feel really sad and fearful that I have been diagnosed with cancer”, “as soon as I eat, I feel slow and lethargic” etc


4th Level (Delusion)

A delusion is a situation, image or fantasy that one holds in mind which may or may not be true. The person is not present in the now. This image or fantasy is so prominent that it overshadows everything else. Persistent dreams of certain themes also come within this category.

Example: A person is extremely shy in social situations and feels that everyone is watching them and ridiculing them or another person feels that she can’t be successful in life because she is black.


5th Level (Sensations)

This is a level beyond conscious awareness of an individual. This is the level that describes a person quite individually. It is this level which can makes someone feel empty inside, weak, lacking and fragile, another may feel bored needing excitement. A person having the sensation of being weak and fragile may walk slowly, not make sudden moves and may not do things quickly or with confidence and freedom, as they feel that their body may not be able to handle it. Sensation of being weak and fragile plays out in every aspect of their lives – they would not be able to handle even moderate amount of stress at job or in relationships. They may choose and attract situations in life in accordance with their core sensations, thereby limiting their life choices considerably.

The person having the core sensation of being bored, needing excitement may be limited in their life choices as well. They may go to a certain places, listen to a certain type of music, make friends of certain type, choose jobs of certain types only. If they are a student, they may have difficulty focusing in their studies. They may feel restless (or ‘bored’) easily. They may even develop a certain type of pathology, in accordance with their core sensation. As a result their life would be considerably limited.

Another person may feel a degree of dependence in life and in every situation they find themselves consciously and subconsciously looking for people and things to depend upon. They form relationships based on this sensation, find jobs accordingly etc.

As we can see how core sensations can have a deep rooted effect on us – on every aspect of our lives, not just the diseases we may have. Sensations level is the highest level where an expression is seen. That is why prescribing at this level has a cascading effect and all lower levels feel amelioration. It has been seen clinically that prescribing at this level have a profound healing effect on delusions, emotions, modality as well as pathology.


6th Level (Energy)

This level is not generally seen in cases and even if seen it is hard to interpret it without putting it in context with other lower levels. A case of sudden burst of energy that can’t be explained would describe this level. The experience of energy is quite evident in everyday situations, such as when one sees a vehicle approaching them suddenly there is this rush of energy in the stomach area or a feeling of lump in the throat when speaking in front of audience.


7th Level (Beingness)

This is the background level, the level of pure consciousness, which is the witnessing entity. It is the reference level without which everything else has no relative existence. It is not the level of absence of awareness, but an experience of pure awareness detached from expressed world.


Sensations method

The method of practicing homeopathy at the core sensations level is profoundly healing. As we have seen in our discussion above that sensations layer is the layer which is very high in the hierarchy of being. In general, the higher layers determine the expression of the lower layers. Treating at the level of sensations would affect and benefit delusions, emotions, modality and pathology. This is what we see in practice.

One can treat at any level and many treatments are addressed to the lower levels such as physical level, emotional level etc., but treatment at sensations level is much more effective and deep acting. It also requires greater skill and accuracy to prescribe at this level, but rewards of such treatment are immense as compared to being treated at lower levels of being.

Using this method of treatment, one is able to access and unravel layers of subconscious blocks much more quickly than conventional treatments.

As a result, a person may feel greater well being and amelioration from troublesome symptoms – in a shorter time period. This method has been used successfully to gain greater and greater freedom and enhance life.



If we examine these levels in their hierarchy, we can see that the higher we go, the more uniquely an individual can be described. For instance, if we look at only the 1st or Name level, we may find two people with the exact same set of symptoms – let’s say a headache, for illustrative purposes. However, as we move up to the Fact level, we might see that the way they describe their headache is different; one might have stabbing, sharp pain, while another experiences a dull yet constant ache. Likewise, if we move up to the emotion level, we may see the way they feel about their headache differs as well. One may feel anger and frustration in its presence, while the other feels sad and weak. And again, if we move up yet another level to that of the Delusion, we might see that one of these people may believe they don’t belong anywhere and are constantly trying to fit in, while another might experience a different delusion; and so on. As we continue to move up, the more clearly we can distinguish one person from the other, even though their symptom picture might be the same.

A similar pattern can be seen when we look at treating at the various levels. As we treat at a higher and higher level, the treatment can be more and more precise, addressing more and more aspects of an individual. This is what differentiates the sensations method from other modalities. Not only does it address physical symptoms, it also addresses every aspect of a person up to and including the Sensations level. It’s like seeing a whole range of specialists all with a single visit; from those that practice on the physical level, such as a medical/naturopathic doctor or a physiotherapist through to those who target primarily the emotional level, like a psychologist or psychiatrist, and beyond.

Imagine the benefits of multiple therapies all in a single homeopathic remedy; now add in freedom from the uncomfortable, habitual patterns and behaviours that prevent us from living a fully engaged life (such as shyness, addictive behaviours like over-eating, smoking etc.), and there you have the Sensations method. No supplements or prescriptions to take, no herbs to buy, no blood tests, x-rays or regular therapy sessions. Save yourself time and money.