Before you read about what others have experienced with Revital Point’s homeopathic care, we feel it’s important to emphasize that results are individual and vary according to many factors, including lifestyle choices, the depth of the disease, and individual constitution. Although many of our clients do experience wonderful results, this is not the case with everyone, and anyone considering treatment should do so without holding any specific expectation from their experience.

What others have said about their experience with homeopathic care:

“My consultation was truly life changing. I had fallen seriously sick, and the tests were going on to find the problem. I had swelling in lymph nodes which was not going down even after weeks. Doctor were suspecting serious illness, and the nervous, scared look on my doctor’s face when she was examining me was truly traumatizing. I was burning the candle from both ends, working full-time, supermom to a baby and a toddler, ace at work and sporting a spotless home. I received my first dose of homeopathic medicine. I still remember the feeling I felt when I woke up next next morning. I felt awake, alive and truly well after such a long time. In the next 3-4 months, what happened had never happened before. All my health problems were gone, the symptoms for which my physician was testing me, disappeared, and my mental awareness heightened to a whole new level. I was healing physically, mentally and spiritually. Along with homeopathic medicine, I was provided lifestyle coaching, including yoga, meditation, balanced work life and balanced nutrition. I learned to slow down so I could have second chance to live a healthy fulfilling life again. I am truly happy with my experience with this treatment, and I highly recommend it. I wish that everyone can experience this healing experience.”

– Manie Vashisht, Ottawa, Canada

“When I first started my sessions over a year ago, I was not expecting the positive results I have received to date. I had given up and decided to live with my pain. I was offered personalized treatment which has helped me with my physical and overall well-being. I saw positive results within a few months of treatment. Today, I feel better about myself, I am able to sleep through the night, and I am better able to manage my pain. I was dependent on pain killers, doctors, and specialists who were unable to answer any of my questions or offer any solutions which did not require surgery (knee replacement) or prescription medication. I was offered natural solutions, answers and pain management techniques to arthritis, joint, and knee problems that doctors and specialists were unable to offer. I highly recommend these services for an overall healthier lifestyle.”

– F.S., Ottawa, Canada

“When I first got homeopathic treatment, I was suffering from several chronic health conditions – I hadn’t had a consistent period for 2 years, I had adult acne, acid reflux, and my tummy would bloat excessively any time I ate certain foods – mainly wheat, dairy and sugar. I had tried everything – prescription and over-the-counter drugs, I had been to see two different Naturopathic doctors, an allergy specialist, a different homeopath, and tried all kinds of natural remedies – acupuncture, herbal remedies, vitamins/minerals, detoxing, juice fasts, cleanses and many different allergenic diets – gluten-free, lactose/casein-free, raw food etc. Some of these things helped of course, but I found them tiresome, expensive and difficult to maintain. When I tried homeopathic treatment, at first I didn’t notice much difference. I was reluctant to say it was helping, after having been through so many other therapies – but once that first dose wore off, and it came time for my second one, I COULD NOT BELIEVE the difference it was making. Without it, something felt desperately missing – I hadn’t realised the new found sense of peace and deep well-being I had felt – without it, I felt insecure, anxious and depressive. I didn’t want to do the things I had enjoyed doing – life had lost its zest. But once I was given a second dose, deeper healing started to take place. Things I didn’t even think to have healed started to improve. In fact everything improved. And this pattern continued with every new dose – I found a new sense of well-being, a new sense of health, awareness and even spiritual growth. Everything in my life has opened up. I would recommend homeopathic treatment to anyone. There were times when I had severe flu’s – every one else around me was suffering from the same thing for weeks. Yet, with homeopathic treatment, I got better within a few days. It still astounds me, how well it works. I am eternally grateful for this beautiful gift.”

– N.M., Ottawa, Canada

“I had been suffering from a cough for about 4 weeks and I couldn’t seem to shake it. I had been getting acupuncture which gave me temporary relief from the cough. I took Chinese Herbs which helped manage the phlegm, but the cough remained. I thought I would try homeopathy. I took the remedy that was prescribed to me. In a short while I noticed that the anxiety and grief that had been bothering me for several months was really not a problem any more. The cough gradually cleared up and is now gone, but I also feel much more positive and happy in other areas of my life.”

– Aruna Elizabeth Ropp – Acupuncture practitioner

“When I started the homeopathic program, I suffered from migraine headaches and irregular heartbeat; it was back in 2001. After starting the treatment with the medication, I noticed lots of changes in my health. I had less stress and even though my heart beats were still irregular, it occurred less often than usual. After a few years, my overall health had improved and I am feeling much better than I had ever felt in years. I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing health issues that they could not find a proper remedy any place else. This was a very rich experience.”

– M. R. Remy, Ottawa, Canada

“Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I cannot believe the change in me – I’m feeling SO good right now. Like I’m back to my normal self. I can’t thank-you enough!!!
You have no idea how important this work is (or maybe you do) – It makes SUCH a difference in people’s lives. I cannot believe how blessed I am to have this homeopathic treatment…

Thank-you so much.”

– NM, Ottawa, Canada

*NOTE: Results vary from client to client, dependent on lifestyle choices, the seriousness of the illness & individual constitution.