Our mission is to spread this to the world – so people don’t have to suffer. So people stop relying on band-aid, ‘quick-fix’ solutions, and can discover true healing, a true way of life. A life of love, passion, sincerity and joy.

Both Aryev, our homeopath, and Nalada, our nutritionist, have experienced Sensation’s Method homeopathy and have had such tremendous relief and benefit from it that they wish for others to experience the same. They both suffered from ill health, and endured long, arduous journeys through conventional and alternative therapies, in an effort to solve them. After many frustrating attempts, and a LOT of money out the door, they both were finally graced with the gift of Sensations Method, constitutional treatment (you can read Nalada’s story on our Testimonials page, and Aryev’s story follows. Our Sensation’s Method treatment options are listed on our Pricing page).

Aryev Bhardwejj, DHH, D. Hom. (UK), B. Eng

Aryev’s story:

Aryev Bhardwejj’s love for homeopathy began as a young boy. At the age of 9 or 10, he broke out in a skin rash that covered his whole body. One can only imagine the affect this could have on the psyche of a boy at that age. For months he scratched, spent endless nights without a recuperative sleep. No matter what his doctor prescribed, skin creams, medications, injections, bathing solutions etc., he was never able to find permanent relief. Finally after months of trying various conventional treatments, Aryev’s father brought him a small vial of a homeopathic remedy. It had come from a friend of Aryev’s father, who was an enthusiast of homeopathy. After taking just one dose of the remedy, the itching disappeared the very next day and within days, his entire skin rash cleared up. It was remarkable, and from that time on, Aryev became a firm believer in homeopathy.

It wasn’t long before he found a homeopathic practitioner a few blocks from his home; Dr. Khanna. This was the same doctor his family avoided due to his curt personality and treatment – he wasn’t much of a social talker, but the one thing Dr. Khanna was able to deliver was results, and very quickly. Often in acute situations like common colds, sore throats, headaches, fevers etc., Aryev would go to Dr. Khanna and within the same day experience relief from the problem. It was remarkable. He would take the remedy that Dr. Khanna would give him in small vial, and to his surprise and delight, the sore throat, fever, headache etc, that nothing else had been able to touch, was fixed with a simple, single homeopathic remedy.

From then on, Aryev was hooked. He was so in awe with Dr.Khanna and the way he worked that he would not only continue to see him for all his own ailments, but would also bring everyone and anyone he could to Dr Khanna’s clinic. He brought his Grandmother, his friends, and family – the second he heard someone was suffering, he would bring them to see Dr. Khanna – and Aryev would sit in on the consult. He would carefully study Dr. Khanna, listening to his every word. He would take note of the questions he asked, the answers that were given and the remedy prescribed, and he would excitedly study them the moment he got home, so that he might master this mystical art. He was so enthralled with homeopathy and what it could do, that he began to experiment on his own. Before long, Aryev had a homeopathic kit, filled with all the standard remedies. All his pocket money went to this. He began to prescribe remedies helping anyone he could.

Although Aryev went on to university to study electronics and computer Engineering and also worked as an engineer for many companies all over the world – including Cognos and IBM, he continued to study and practice homeopathy. Homeopathy remained a passion throughout his life, and he continued to help heal family, friends, coworkers and their respective families and friends.

Ultimately Aryev went to study it formally and completed two diplomas in homeopathy and began to treat people professionally.

During his journey, Aryev has had the honour and fortune to come across great healers of our time including David Little, Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Ashok Das and Dr. Sunil Anand. Aryev has done clinical work with David Litttle, Dr. Sudhr Baldotta, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee and Dr. Sunil Anand. Dr. Sunil Anand has had a great impact on Aryev’s practice and he is Aryev’s teacher and mentor. Aryev has been practicing in close contact with Dr. Sunil Anand for over 7 years and their relationship continues to be one of mutual admiration and respect.