I Felt Awake, Alive and Truly Well

“My consultation was truly life changing. I had fallen seriously sick, and the tests were going on to find the problem. I had swelling in lymph nodes which was not going down even after weeks. Doctor were suspecting serious illness, and the nervous, scared look on my doctor’s face when she was examining me was truly traumatizing. I was burning the candle from both ends, working full-time, supermom to a baby and a toddler, ace at work and sporting a spotless home. I received my first dose of homeopathic medicine. I still remember the feeling I felt when I woke up next next morning. I felt awake, alive and truly well after such a long time. In the next 3-4 months, what happened had never happened before. All my health problems were gone, the symptoms for which my physician was testing me, disappeared, and my mental awareness heightened to a whole new level. I was healing physically, mentally and spiritually. Along with homeopathic medicine, I was provided lifestyle coaching, including yoga, meditation, balanced work life and balanced nutrition. I learned to slow down so I could have second chance to live a healthy fulfilling life again. I am truly happy with my experience with this treatment, and I highly recommend it. I wish that everyone can experience this healing experience.”

– Manie Vashisht, Ottawa, Canada

*NOTE: Results vary from client to client, dependent on lifestyle choices, the seriousness and stage of the illness & individual constitution.

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