I Could Not Believe The Difference It Was Making

“When I first got homeopathic treatment, I was suffering from several chronic health conditions – I hadn’t had a consistent period for 2 years, I had adult acne, acid reflux, and my tummy would bloat excessively any time I ate certain foods – mainly wheat, dairy and sugar. I had tried everything – prescription and over-the-counter drugs, I had been to see two different Naturopathic doctors, an allergy specialist, a different homeopath, and tried all kinds of natural remedies – acupuncture, herbal remedies, vitamins/minerals, detoxing, juice fasts, cleanses and many different allergenic diets – gluten-free, lactose/casein-free, raw food etc. Some of these things helped of course, but I found them tiresome, expensive and difficult to maintain. When I tried homeopathic treatment, at first I didn’t notice much difference. I was reluctant to say it was helping, after having been through so many other therapies – but once that first dose wore off, and it came time for my second one, I COULD NOT BELIEVE the difference it was making. Without it, something felt desperately missing – I hadn’t realised the new found sense of peace and deep well-being I had felt – without it, I felt insecure, anxious and depressive. I didn’t want to do the things I had enjoyed doing – life had lost its zest. But once I was given a second dose, deeper healing started to take place. Things I didn’t even think to have healed started to improve. In fact everything improved. And this pattern continued with every new dose – I found a new sense of well-being, a new sense of health, awareness and even spiritual growth. Everything in my life has opened up. I would recommend homeopathic treatment to anyone. There were times when I had severe flu’s – every one else around me was suffering from the same thing for weeks. Yet, with homeopathic treatment, I got better within a few days. It still astounds me, how well it works. I am eternally grateful for this beautiful gift.”

– N.M., Ottawa, Canada

*NOTE: Results vary from client to client, dependent on lifestyle choices, the seriousness and stage of the illness & individual constitution.

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