Remedy for Life

Published in Ottawa Natural – October, 2011


by Aryev Bhardwejj (Anshev)

Single Homeopathic Remedy Was a “God-send” for a Variety of Ailments

Sixty-seven year old Mr. D is strong, fit and healthy for his age and still works full time. He is bursting with life and energy. When not working at his job, he is busy taking care of his large family, entertaining guests and maintaining his rather large property that includes a vegetable garden. What’s interesting is, he does not take any medication other than homeopathic medicines prescribed for him years ago.

Fifteen years ago Mr. D suffered from chronic indigestion and although he sought treatments from allopathic and alternative physicians alike, his condition became chronic. Heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, weakness and anxiety were common occurrences; no matter what he ate, it turned into gas. After undergoing several tests including Barium X-Ray, endoscopy and colonoscopy, he was put on prescription medication. The situation became so bad that he began having heart palpitations and doctors suspected he was developing a heart condition. In hindsight, indigestion and excess gas were exerting pressure on his heart, causing his heart condition.

When he approached me for treatment, I initiated the sensations method style of homeopathy. It was clear to me that he needed deep constitutional homeopathic treatment to produce the desired results. Being familiar with his personality, likes and dislikes, thoughts, values and behaviours were an advantage in researching a personal remedy at the sensations layer, which is much deeper than the emotional layer and deeper still than the delusional layer.
A remedy was prescribed in low potency on a frequent repetition basis, because this was a case with advanced and developed pathology. Within a few days of starting the treatment, Mr. D reported a dramatic improvement in his symptoms. He started gaining weight, began looking more healthy and within a year or so his digestion became so much better that he was eating and living his life like a normal healthy person. He discontinued his allopathic medication slowly.

However, a few years later, he came to me in distress. Some of his indigestion had returned; he was also suffering from constipation. He had been admitted to hospital for treatment, but was still not feeling well. I discovered that he had returned to his old unhealthy ways of eating, so resolution of the situation pointed to the previously prescribed remedy. I gave him the same remedy and instructed him to eat healthily. This time too, he responded quickly and recovered within a few weeks.

Two years on, he came to me because he was developing pains in his joints and had been diagnosed with arthritis and cervical spondylitis. After analyzing the situation, I found that the previous remedy I prescribed was appropriate, but with slightly different dosage and frequency. Mr. D reported much relief from the pain and discomfort and resumed his normal life. This time I suggested he continue his treatment on a long-term basis. Continued homeopathic care, even when healthy, is a good idea as proper medicine continues to help like a tonic and one continues to get healthier and lighter. It is my experience that one can also avoid emergency situations if one maintains their health this way, along with proper exercise routine and correct diet.

Mr. D’s treatment has now continued for over ten years. From time to time, different issues surfaced – varicose veins, bleeding gums, gum abscess, toothache, tiredness, weakness etc. – but in every instance, no matter what the problem was, he responded very well to the remedy that was initially prescribed for him; the rationale was that his constitutional picture was still the same despite different manifestations of the diseases. This is the benefit of treating patients at the sensations level because even though disease manifestations take various forms, as long as the root cause is treated, all symptoms benefit from the treatment.


“…years ago I was living a miserable life with multiple health problems – indigestion, constipation, peptic ulcer, hernia, varicose veins, joint pains, depression and negative attitude. I had been taking various allopathic treatments with a number of health practitioners for years…the medicines were giving me temporary relief along with many side effects. I was feeling depressed with a negative attitude…. I started taking homeopathic treatment was also given tips for yoga exercises and healthy diet instructions…. this treatment proved so powerful that my life totally changed. Since that day I have taken only homeopathic treatment and for more than 10 years and have been feeling very happy complete with a positive attitude, like a young man… I thank homeopathy for giving me a totally new life”

– D.N.B, Ottawa

Aryev Bhardwejj has been practicing sensations method style homeopathy formally for over five years and is available for homeopathic consultations at his Ottawa practice, Revital Point Health Solutions. Visit his website:

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