Ordinary Remedy…Extraordinary Results

Published in Ottawa Natural – June 2010


by Aryev Bhardwejj (Anshev)

… a case of annoyance, overwhelm, depression and cough and cold

You may have read the article titled ‘What is sensations method?’ in the month of April, where I presented an overview of sensations method type of homeopathy. Here I would like to present an actual case which was successfully treated using this method. Even though the remedy used here is a common homeopathic remedy, the manner in which it was prescribed is quite interesting and illustrates very well the sensations method approach of practicing homeopathy very effectively. Please note that this is an actual case however in order to respect the privacy of the client, the names have been changed.

Lily, in her early 30s is an attractive young woman. She is an acupuncture practitioner by profession, who runs a very successful community acupuncture clinic along with her two other fellow practitioners. Being a very lively, friendly person that she is – and quite social, she is well liked and popular. Her practice is quite busy and she tries to keep herself occupied as she has also recently gone through a painful break up with her boyfriend. She cried quite frequently, sometimes during the day, but even more in the evenings when she was by herself. She had also been experiencing a nagging cough for a number of months, and being a health care practitioner herself, with acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioners as friends; she tried to handle it with needles and herbs. Some of the phlegm subsided, but the cough didn’t seem to be leaving her alone. It was quite annoying – so much so that it affected her work. Her temperament was testy – she was easily vexed and even cried because she was unable to handle things. She started to feel sicker and sicker and more and more tired. She needed to sleep much more often and slept for long hours, and even then she didn’t feel refreshed. Her throat was painful and she had a low grade fever.

During winter holidays, her parents visited her, and upon seeing how unhealthy she was, they pushed her to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Being an acupuncture practitioner, she was quite opposed to the idea of taking antibiotics, but having been so sick for so long and due to the pressure of her parents, she was buckling under the pressure. It was then she called me and asked if I could help. I took her case over Instant Messenger (internet).

Here are some excerpts from the case:

Notation: C: Client; H: homeopath

C: Before my cycle starts every month I get very emotional about things that happened in the past. I grieve my past relationship a lot, and I grieve things that happened or did not happen to me as a child. I cry very easily. I am easily irritated. Some of my patients were frustrating me today

H: Ok, tell me about those patients frustrating you…

C: Because of the weather they were calling to say that they would be late and then they were a lot later than expected. Some were calling to change appointment times just because they couldn’t get it together. Some came late and acted kind of high maintenance and were running me behind with other patients. I had long slow periods in the day and then everyone would show up at once. .
H: How does this make you feel?

C: I made an effort to be available to people even in bad weather. I went out of my way today to contact everyone and make sure they were safe. The ones who were really late made me feel like they took my efforts for granted, or the ones who constantly try to change appointment times make me feel like they must think I never leave my office. …….

H: How does this make you feel?

C: annoyed, frustrated, and unappreciated

H: Talk about that feeling of annoyed some more..

C: what else can I say, I am annoyed. It brings tears to my eyes. I don’t know what to say. I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing but not everything has fallen into place yet.I feel irritated that I practically chose my career over my last relationship because I was under too much pressure

And now I work for people who don’t appreciate me and I am alone I don’t feel this way all the time, mostly when I am premenstrual

I am still sad about my lover, but I am happy that I didn’t move to the tiny sad town that he lives in that I could not relate to

H: Now tell me about your cough please…

C: it was frequent and phlegmy and I was bringing up yellow and green mucus. It could last all day. NOW it is dry unless I have dairy. I get it at night, but not now. When I am in the cold, and in the morning. I can breath and take deep breaths okay, but there is a threat of a cough, but it is not coming. Sometimes I cough casually and do not notice it. I have phlegm in my throat and I have to clear my throat deep in the throat. the phlegm is more up at the top. The sensation to cough is deep in the throat

H: What is the sensation in the throat?

C: a slight scratchiness or a tickle that is not as chronic

H: Tell me more about scratchiness…

C: it’s a patch that is deep in the base of my throat. Scratchiness, like a wired up ball of mesh in my throat with some phlegm stuck in it

H: What is the sensation? How does it feel like there?

C: annoying when I notice it. It feels like stagnant grief

H: talk about annoying some more

C: It’s annoying that I made the right decision. I was brave enough to follow my gut instinct. To protect what has been bestowed to me by my Guru and I am being punished. Or not punished, that I am still suffering over a decision that was the right one. There was no other option than to leave and or compromise my values

H: What is the opposite of annoying?

C: I don’t know fun funny flow

H: please talk about flow…

C: things moving smoothly as they should with little to no conflict or conflict that is easily dealt with and resolved

H: Tell me more

C: being in a graceful state of being.

H: What does that mean?

C: accepting. Accepting the state of my patients as they walk in the door without judgement. moving and working with
what is unfolding and not holding onto an ideal of what it “should” look like

H: How does that feel like?

C: ease, grace, bliss

H: Good. what else?

C: I don’t know. I would call it being in the moment

H: Opposite to that is?

C: stagnation, annoyance, grief, irritation, dissatisfaction

H: How did the experience with the patients makes you feel?

C: It makes me feel intruded upon. It made me feel defensive and then I just felt apathetic.

H: Tell me about being Intruded some more…

C: intruded….like asking someone in and offering them tea and then they want me to cook them dinner, give them a
massage and a place to sleep for the night… offended, put upon, inconvenienced, misused

H: How does your cough affect you?

C: it makes me feel inconvenienced that I can’t be out in the snow or do other things that require physical exertion

H: and how does that affect you?

C: I feel cranky, and bloated and afraid that I am gaining weight. My body feels uncomfortable. I feel heavier and flabbier

(Rest of the case truncated due to brevity)

Another thing that came up was her childhood, her relationship with parents and some parts of her relationship with her boyfriend… and a common theme of ‘annoyed/belittled, distressed’ came up… and the cough was just an extension of her sensational state is ‘vexed, distressed, annoyed’ – everything that is happening to her in her life – has the common theme – common sensation. Symptom of cough and cold were just like the tip of the iceberg – where a big majority of what is is hidden under the surface.

Based on the case, and her sensation, I decided that the remedy was to be selected from the Ranunculaceae (buttercup) family which contains plants like Aconite (monkshood), Cimicifuga (Black Cohosh), Helleborus (Hellebore and Christmas rose), Hydrastic (Golden seal), Pulsatilla (Pasque flower/wind flower) etc. The common sensation of this family is ‘Vexation and emotions giving rise to physical symptoms’, easily excited, feel insulted, annoyed, raw nerves, vexed, distressed, harassed and sensitive to trifles.

I prescribed Pulsatilla 1M, single dose (to be taken just once). Pulsatilla is a windflower which must bend to every gust of wind in order to survive. Classic Pulsatilla archetype is defined as a soft and gentle blue eyed blonde – feminine figure who weeps easily. She is quickly changeable, going from one extreme to another. Insecure and swept off easily. Desires sympathy and support and can be clingy. Pulsatilla has much yellow and green phlegm (even though in this case it was dried up by the use of Chinese herbs – which only acted as suppression and made things worse)
Pulsatilla is a commonly used homeopathic remedy but it is often over-used as a polychrest. Its use here was not based on mere emotional and physical symptoms presented (which, in retrospect are confirmed by the choice of remedy), but on the basis of sensations that were seen. Mere physical and emotional symptoms could point to several other homeopathic remedies including Spongia, Ignatia, Kali Mur, Merc Sol. etc. In this case, Pulsatilla turns out to be her acute as well as chronic remedy.

A month or so later, she contacted me and reported that her throat pain, cough and all its allied symptoms disappeared rapidly after taking the dose of her remedy. Not only that – she found she was no longer sad and depressed anymore. She wasn’t crying and sounded cheerful, much more happy and alive. She was amazed at how powerful this treatment is; that a single dose of a well selected homeopathic remedy could not only cure her persistent respiratory acute problems, but also bring about such a profound change in her state of depression and overall well being.

She was especially surprised as she had been suggested or given other homeopathic remedies in the past, such as Sepia, Ignatia, Spongia and others, however none of them had helped her near as much. She had experienced some temporary relief but had no lasting benefits. This case illustrates how in using Sensations method homeopathy effectively, one can arrive at the correct remedy very quickly… and with confidence, and see exceptional results – even if it is a common homeopathic remedy.

A few months later she met someone who is very suitable for her and fell in love with him. They now have a great mutually fulfilling relationship.

Aryev has been practicing sensations method style homeopathy for about 5 years and has worked under close supervision of internationally acclaimed Dr. Sunil Anand. Aryev has a practice in the Ottawa area and is available for homeopathic consultations. Previously he has studied and/or practiced with Dr. David Little, Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Dr. Sudhir Baldotta, Misha Norland, Dr. Ashok Das and other such luminaries in the homeopathic world. Aryev’s practice is named ‘Revital Point health solutions’.

website: www.RevitalPoint.com
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