Acute Treatment*

Acute treatment addresses incidental, short term flare-ups or conditions such as headaches, fevers, coughs, colds, sore throats, toothaches, earaches, female issues, trauma conditions such as bruises and sprains, cuts, burns, indigestion, nausea, skin eruptions, hemorrhoids etc.



Constitutional Treatment* – Get Started for as Little as $395!

Our constitutional treatment addresses, longer term, more severe illnesses, such as cancer, addictions, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes etc. In this category we explore many aspects of a clients’ life: habits, likes, dislikes and any diseases they may have. The emphasis is placed on addressing the root of the issue, as opposed to physical symptoms alone. After careful analysis, a deep acting constitutional remedy is selected. With this approach, clients experience a deeper, more long term healing.


Initial consultation
Follow-up consultation
Constitutional re-evaluation


OR Act Now and Sign-Up for our 1-Year, total care package – our no worries, peace of mind, we’ve got you covered package!

Our 1-year, total care package:

This is the Cadillac of our homeopathic services, combining both acute and constitutional treatment approaches. This package is ideal and recommended for all cases with a deeper pathology, such as (but not limited to): cancers, multiple sclerosis, all types of addictions, heart disease and more. All cases are video-recorded, transcribed and peer-reviewed by one of the top homeopaths in the world. You receive unlimited case re-evaluations, unlimited follow-ups, and all remedies are included. We give you what you need, when you need it. If you’ve got a flu, we’re there. You’ve got a fever? – we’re there. No problem; we’ve got you covered. We even give you complimentary coaching sessions, and access to healthy lifestyle seminars to help you on your way to health that much quicker.


You can get started for as little as $395, and then follow-up with 11 equal payments of $210. Or, pay in one annual instalment, and save $209.


And once you’ve been with us for one year, we’ll give you an extra $149, on us, just for being a good client.


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* The cost of the remedy is included in our 1-year, total care package; for all other treatment options, the cost of the remedy is additional. Shipping fees are also additional, as required.