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It always perplexes me at how there is good help available, yet somehow, people don’t accept it. I know people who are sick or unhappy in their lives, and I’ve recommended our coaching work to them, yet they don’t seem to act… they always say “maybe later” or “no thanks, I’m ok”, when clearly they are not ok. They would rather suffer silently than accept help (even if the help is free). Why is that?

Well sometimes our negative thinking and behaviours are too big, that we can’t seem to overcome them. Sometimes admitting we have a problem and taking the first step to get help is the absolute hardest. It means we have to face our flaws, and we have to make sincere efforts to correct them. If we have an illness, we have to change our outlook, our lifestyle, our eating habits and our behavior. We have to face our fears, and become nicer to the people around us. We have to cultivate humbleness and be more grateful for the things we have. Something that is not always easy. But trust me, it feels much better this way. It is a short term pain, for a long term gain (as opposed to the opposite).


Consider it like going to the gym. Everyone knows the benefits of regular exercise, yet the thought of it is enough to put us off. We have resistance to it. When we think of going, the first thing in our mind is that it requires effort. We don’t feel like going – even though, the benefits FAR out weigh the cost. If we were to commit to just 10 minutes a day, to any type of exercise, and stick to it, we would feel better, have more confidence, look better, be healthier and have more energy. Isn’t that worth 10 minutes of struggle? When you actually take a minute to rationally measure the benefits against the effort, I think most people would agree that it’s far better to get up and put in that 10 minutes, instead of putting it off and making excuses. Yet SO many people don’t. They remain stuck in their resistance, and sometimes for years, secretly wishing that their life were different. They talk a lot about it, knowing that they “should” do it, but somehow never do.


Well our coaching programs are the same. Yes they require effort; yes you’re going to have to do things you’re not accustomed to doing. You’re going to have to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to doing the work. And yes you’re going to have resistance to it 🙂 But what you get FAR outweighs the discomfort. Your life will change – and remarkably quickly. Of course every client is different, and I don’t want to promise something that cannot be delivered, but many of our clients experience dramatic shifts in their health, relationships, financial situation and overall happiness. I’ll let you read their testimonials for yourself – you can find them here. Take a few minutes and honestly measure it. Is it worth it to you to invest your efforts for a better life?

Nalada, RHN, Lifestyle coach

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