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POttawa Natural Health Magazine – April 2012


by Aryev Bhardwejj (Anshev)

Executive Coaching

When Andy W first came to Revital Point health solutions, he had been working in a technical position for a number of years. He did not enjoy his job and wanted to advance to a program management position. He had done everything he could think of – sending resumes wherever he saw an opportunity, applying for and being granted interviews in numerous competitions, networking through contacts, and appearing at several interviews etc., but none of these had produced desired results.
In addition to the job issue, he also suffered from poor health. Migraines, stress, tiredness, frustration were commonplace. He was unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. Relationships suffered as a result as well.
He started Winner ProgramTM executive life coaching program twice a week. He simultaneously undertook a sensations method homeopathic care program.
In order to make headway in a case such as this, pinpointing the blocks that may be restricting movement in the direction of the goal is necessary. Depending upon the case, there could be one or several things blocking progress, such as fears related to a successful outcome, self-esteem issues, past memories and experiences, believability around having new outcomes, or indiscriminate beliefs around existing conditions (attachments). Just as even a single cloud has the ability to block the sunlight from reaching earth fully, even minor blocks can keep desired outcomes at bay.
Winner ProgramTM executive life coaching program utilizes a scientifically proven method to dissolve subconscious blockages, which prevent life from being enjoyed to the fullest extent, in the fastest and safest possible way. Sensations method homeopathic treatment aids in this process and clears the way, so this developmental journey becomes easier and faster.
Along with the homeopathic treatment; Andy W’s twice-weekly coaching sessions and diligent completion of his homework assignments meant he was soon able to dissipate some of the deep rooted subconscious blocks which were causing those issues. As a result his life started opening up. Stress dissolved, migraines became fewer; relationships improved, opportunities appeared from nowhere and monetary rewards followed – all without even moving a finger!
Life became easier, more fun and much more rewarding! Andy received a job offer for a program management position, two levels higher than his previous job with a big salary increase! Andy has now been in his new job for several months! If all this is not enough, Andy has made more than $40,000 extra since he started doing his program – a direct result of this work (which, by-the-way is more than his entire coaching and homeopathic treatment fees).
As Andy attests, “I am grateful to the Winner program and have experienced tremendous financial benefits in terms of physically manifesting money (well over $41,000) easily and effortlessly. The money gained has helped to pay for the costs of the actual program itself. I have started a new job in project management at a senior level. My overall health is much better. I am more energetic, eat healthier, sleep deeper, and wake up refreshed in the mornings and am the slimmest that I have been in over five years! I have now repaired and healed my personal relationship with my parents to the point that it is actually harmonious in nature. My self-esteem is much higher now and I feel more confident in my abilities both personally and professionally. I’m growing into a stronger, more confident and successful person living the happy, fulfilled life that we all deserve. Thanks so much!”
~ Andrew W., Ottawa, Canada

Aryev is a trained life and executive coach. He works with people to enhance their life experience. He has practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years and taught yoga, meditation and lifestyle classes at Carleton University, IBM/Cognos, as well as several public and private gyms.

Aryev is also a qualified homeopath. When he started treating people using homeopathy, he observed that although their physical and mental health was getting much better, their lives were not necessarily improving. They still had similar jobs, similar money situations, and similar types of relationship dynamics, similar habits and ways of being.
Aryev decided to design a coaching program to change that. He began with his existing clients and after years of trial and error, his Winner ProgramTM executive coaching emerged. www.Revitalpoint.com/coaching


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